o  English is the language of instruction, however English language support is provided for students for whom it is not their first language.we don’t want our students to get struggle in Communicating in English as a Language Barrier.

o  Our BIA-HR curricula provide students with a high quality ‘portable’ education that will stand them in good stead whether they return home, move on to a new country, or stay in the local area.

o  Admission is on a rolling basis (recognizing the unpredictable nature of international assignments), so students can join throughout the year.

 o BIA-HR provides the highest Qualified licensed certificate ISO 29990: 2010, ISO 9001: 2015 to the students and young entrepreneur which promises to help them in getting desired designation in Companies.

BIA-HR Mainly Focus to,

1. Improve Management communication skills and molding the students into a well potential professionals by providing International Standard of Education.

2.Provide Practical way of Learning and Introducing many own Innovations in Business Management Education.

Our BIA-HR is very Proactive in recognizing the global trends and fluctuations in business Landscape,we pioneer several innovations to keep business education in tune with these fluctuations.