01. What is the legality of BIAHR?
HSV is an Independent Autonomus Institution, functioning under lawful By-laws & Resolutions of BIAHR, which is Registered under an appropriate Act of Govt. of India for its Statute existence.

02. Are BIAHR PROGRAMMES Recognized by UGC?
No. BIAHR does not come under the purview of UGC/AICTE/any Statutory Council, but it can function for achieving goals as per the Registered Aims & Objectives of BIAHR, an Autonomous body, which is Registered under Government Act.

03. How you are saying International Certification and Curicullum?.
Courses providing by BIAHR is Inspected, vertified and certified our curricullum and organisation by International Certification body like UASL (United Ackreditering Service Limited from UK)and DAC (Dubai Accreditation Centre from Dubai).

04. Is BIAHR Conducting Bachelors and or Masters Level Programmes?
No. BIAHR is not Conducting Bachelors and Masters level Programmes. We providing vocational courses and final certification will be awarded after proper Training, Examinations and Evaluation.

05. Can you say how these certification will useful for Employment in Private Sector?
These certifications are approved by international certification body and useful for employment opportunities and for promotion purposes in private sector. Jobseekers and students can utilise these courses for value added purpose in resume and for improving knowledge as well. This certification is purely Industry Integrated Programme.

06. Can you say that every BIAHR PROGRAMME is designed under the syllabus of UGC?
Yes. Each Programme is designed keeping an eye on the Syllabus & Nomenclatures that are prescribed by either UGC or relevant Government Boards to maintain common standards. In addition to this, we may incorporate some more new trends & techniques also for the immense benefit of our students under the guidance provided by our Academic Council from time to time.

07. When BIAHR is not Recognized by UGC, how your PROGRAMMES are helpful to the students?
BIAHR Programmes are fully knowledge oriented. Skill oriented. Job oriented. These Value Added Programmes are very much helpful to the students, who wish to learn a new subject thoroughly in both Theory & Practical modules, which ultimately provide them a good job in Private Sectors. Especially, most of the students are getting skill-oriented jobs in Gulf /Abroad countries.
Our programmes is also useful to achieve succesfull business for young entrepreneur.

08. When BIAHR is not Recognized by UGC, how your CERTIFICATION can be ATTESTED by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and as well as other Embassies?
It is admitted fact that the Private Certification can also be Attested by Mantralaya-Mumbai (State Government, Maharashtra), MEA & many Embassies. For some (Hague Convention) Countries, Embassy Attestation is also not necessary, but only MEA Attestation (Apostle) is enough.