Earlier, digital marketing courses were considered as mere modules among the plethora of other marketing courses, but now the scenario is different, especially in India. In both professional and academic curriculum, this course has now appeared as a standalone subject in its own field.

Students or Freshers have the most to gain by learning Digital Marketing. India alone has over 2 Lac Digital Marketing jobs only expected to grow in future. Both large and small businesses require Digital Marketing and are aggressively hiring people with Digital Marketing Skills. 93% of Small and Medium Businesses in India have said digital and social media skills are important when making hiring decisions.

For Marketing professionals, learning Digital Marketing is extremely important. You get access to more than a $150 billion global digital marketing industry, which is expected to grow by 35%.61% of global Internet users research products online. 44% of online shoppers begin by using a search engine. ​​Over one-third of CMOs believe that digital will account for 75% of marketing spend in the next five years. ​71% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a brand that they are following on a social networking site. 60% of a marketers' time  today is devoted to digital marketing activities, fueling demand for digital marketing skills.

For Sales professionals, learning Digital Marketing can help you drive higher demand, build a personal brand and get access to top level positions in an organization. One of the key benefits of learning Digital Marketing is getting access to an extremely powerful channel i.e. internet to boost your sales. This is applicable both for a B2B and a B2C business. For experienced professionals, it might seem that learning Digital Marketing is tough but it is not true. A lot of experienced professionals are learning Digital Marketing and are taking their respective organizations forward. Learning Digital Marketing is extremely important for senior professionals since it ensures that you are relevant in the dynamic internet age.

For a Business owner or an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing is the key to success. If you don't learn Digital Marketing and don't use it, you'll be loosing business. Facebook, World Bank and OECD survey in 2016 revealed that  55% of businesses felt positive on their current outlook, compared to 73% who described their future outlook as positive. SMBs surveyed reported that they used online tools for showing products or services (84%), selling providing information, for example, opening hours, contact info, etc (83%), advertising to potential customers (81%), communicate with customers or suppliers (78%) or manage internal business process (59%).

Course Mode: Online/ Offline

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Fee Structure: Rs.25000/ Year

Course Duration: 1 Year