focus on individuals

Who We Are?

BOOM Academy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Team Qore Management India Private Limited. We are a pioneering management consulting firm, collaborating with visionary leaders to create adaptive strategies for today’s complex and uncertain world.

Why We Start this Academy?

From 2015, we keenly observing that 80% of the students were not sufficient enough to find or utilize their talents and also they are lacking in their quality. So they repeatedly facing so much struggle to get placements in MNC’s and here very disappointed part is that they don’t even self analyse them where they were exactly lacking to achieve their goals.

Eventually, we planned to extend our path towards Corporate Training to provide Excellence in Quality to college students, Business People and various working professionals in International Standard by molding them in the way as per company expectations and satisfactions towards them and we strongly promise them, at least to reach their goal and we keep on supporting them until they achieve their determined destination.

With our High Qualified and Well-equipped Technical Expertise, we intensely focus on each individual to build the right skill level to them by greatly contributing on their overall Potential Capability and Efficient Performance. We strongly believe that our efficient crews will deliver Brand International Quality of services to our students by looking deep into their Interpersonal skills and guide them thoroughly to Bring out the great natural aptitude present in them which hasn’t identified before entering to us.

This has been our way of working ever since we started, which helped us so far to build confidence in our every assessment and this is the one which leads us towards the success.

“Our great success is to make our students to become Successful”

We make it happen by Reforming the way of Business learning which promises to create a positive difference in their standard of Education and Living.

What We Do?


Our BIA-HR is very Proactive in recognizing the global trends and fluctuations in business Landscape,we pioneer several innovations to keep business education in tune with these fluctuations.


Our well-equipped centres provide a friendly, stimulating and comfortable learning environment, enabling your child to feel confident and supported throughout their studies. BOOM Smart Tuition Prepares, Supports and guides young children and students throughout their time in education, enabling each and every individual to flourish and excel. Once assessed, each child is given a personalised learning programme to follow. 

Certification Course Offered

Digital Marketing

Earlier, digital marketing courses were considered as mere modules among the plethora of other marketing courses, but now the scenario is different, especially in India. In both professional and academic curriculum, this course has now appeared as a standalone subject in its own field.

Human Resource

This course helps in building teams in an organization and building an organizational culture. Provides employee portable tuition. Dependent reduced. Understand Sales Strategy before Making Assumptions about Talent Requirements. Business Benefits. Marketing Mindset and HR Mindset

Corporate Safety

It demonstrates that the business is socially responsible. Enhances and protects brand value and its image. Increases the productivity of employees and workers of all kinds. Enhances the worker’s commitment to their company. Builds a healthier workforce and increases the worker’s competency level

BOOM Smart Tuition

The secret of success

Our mission is to provide our students with tailored tuition programmes, delivered by fully qualified and subject specialist teachers. The structured support that we provide our students will enable them to achieve great results in their exams and have the confidence to take on new challenges throughout their life.

We encourage and instil confidence in children to apply new skills in and beyond the classroom.

Our fully qualified, highly skilled and experienced teachers thrive on helping children to flourish and excel by supporting and guiding them every step of the way. We use a combination of learning materials and workbooks to cater for each child’s learning style. This enables us to provide the best possible educational support to our students.

Why You Choose Us?

· Children with low self-esteem and confidence who need a boost.

· Children who need extra support in studies.

· High achieving children who need challenging and extending further.

· One to One tuition

Facilities We Provide

Personal attention to each student

Regular interaction with parents

Provision of notes and assignments

Monthly tests

Special and extra attention on week students

Doubt clarification of each and every individual student

Safe and pure drinking water

Hygiene place and Social distancing Zone